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Not Sure We Have One Of These In Massachusetts… Maybe A Musket?

Yet another “jobs, jobs, jobs” bill from the small-government civil libertarians in the Republican Party: Arizona governor makes Colt revolver official state gun The Colt revolver, a historic remnant from the shoot-em-up days of the old West, is now Arizona’s … Continue reading

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Great Moments in American History

Today is the fifth anniversary of Stephen Colbert’s epic takedown of George Bush, in front of George Bush. The performance itself was full of memorable lines; the press corps managing to miss the humor was pretty fun, too.

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As if millions of pointy headed voices cried out in terror

Ever want some historical comparisons to the Empire’s decision to build a Death Star and actually use it? Does the lost revenue from taxation of Alderan push the cost/benefit analysis to the unfavorable? Can an Empire be democratic. The aptly … Continue reading

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I am Trying to Break Your Friday

(h/t Rickey Henderson) Paste Magazine has published a list of the top 30 Wilco songs.  It’s a pretty good list even though it does include a few songs from their godawful, elevator/dentist office music album Crap Blue Crap (aka Sky … Continue reading

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I’d love to teach you about the world, but school’s no place for that

So, Tennessee apparently tried to make a law. It went oh-so-well: (c) (1) The general assembly recognizes the sensitivity of particular subjects that are best explained and discussed in the home. Human sexuality is a complex subject with societal, scientific, psychological, and historical implications; … Continue reading

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Swedes are Strange

Sure, judging all of Sweden based on a trilogy of hyper-violent books and a music video might be unfair, but the rest of the world judges America bases on its tv shows and movies, so what the hell. Here’s Lykke … Continue reading

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At least the weather is nice

Often, we get caught up in things like standards of proof or whether we’re creating more terrorists.  Not even close to the bottom of the barrel: The boy was never charged with any crime. US forces captured him in Afghanistan … Continue reading

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We’re very proud of ourselves

Some people say the Friday Updates are just an elaborate marketing tool. Many more say it’s really not elaborate at all. Regardless, the following awards are complete deserved.  Also, they’re not awards. You Know What’s Awesome? This: Lillibridge makes two … Continue reading

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This American Drug Court

This American Life is one of the most consistently entertaining and thought-provoking shows out there.  For those who have yet to give it a listen, I recommend listening to the episode Very Tough Love which tells the story of a … Continue reading

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And with the number one pick in the 2011, possibly moot, NFL draft…

All I can think of is Clausen doing an impression of Crash Davis in this scene and laugh and laugh…

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I am literally the last person on the planet who should be discussing comic books, but I couldn’t help noticing today that a new issue of Superman has him renouncing his American citizenship. 

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Blog Theme, an open discussion

I’ve been thinking a bunch about whether this blog has a consistent theme/message to its politics.   We’re certainly left of center, although I think each of us have distinct and sometimes contrasting views on the events of the day.  If there’s a … Continue reading

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Apply Yourself, Young Man

According to Bloomberg, McDonald’s hires 6.2% of its applicants. According to the Harvard Crimson, Harvard accepts 6.9% of its applicants. From this we can conclude that: a) minimum wage laws probably aren’t helping things right now. b) you should be nicer to … Continue reading

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It’s Resentment, All The Way Down

Say a bunch of crazy racist bullshit, become a tea idol. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely Republican Primary Voters finds Trump with 19% support, just ahead of the former governors, Massachusetts’ Romney at 17% and Arkansas’ … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s because no one gives a damn about your stupid belief system

via Balloon Juice, the LA Times has this juicy quote from the producer of Atlas Shrugged: “Critics, you won,” said John Aglialoro, the businessman who spent 18 years and more than $20 million of his own money to make, distribute … Continue reading

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Mistrust Breeds Mistrust

I’d always thought that birthers were simply living out the Southern Strategy, of non-explicitly racist expressions of racial animus, here described by Lee Atwater.  But birthers’ experience in maintaining segregation may have been a more direct cause of their current condition: … Continue reading

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Let them eat wedding cake

John Oliver last night said that one in five public sector employees in Britain were facing unemployment soon. I haven’t been able to get good numbers, but even if that’s made up (it IS a comedy show after all), the … Continue reading

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NY Daily News calls it like it is

Gotta admit, this is startlingly blunt.

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